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It all started 6 years ago when Nitika and Suhaib realized what is the actual potential of an event platform. Before this event platforms were treated like getaways with a touch of business to it and some with hard selling perspectives. Yet the maximum potential of events remained unexplored that made people relook at the way events can be done.
It is then when we decided to part ways with our comfort zone and explore the horizon of enterpreneurship journey to deliver innovative, new age technology and un-explored partnerships and ideas through our brand Summentorpro to India. From then on we have explored several diverse ways of connecting business leads through our events and new age services that brands can take advantage of at nominal prices.
Backed by a strong fundamental value system and experiences of working with several MNC's and Start-up's and working our way up from a mere executive profile to managing a team and then living the experience of leading a company, we believe that our story has marked a radical change in the event and networking industry.


Summentorpro Sales and Marketing Consultants, clients and industries are spread across India. Summentorpro Sales and Marketing Consultants database and connections are next to one, the firm is one amongst the first to launch innovative technologies and solution driven services in the area for Sales and Marketing to directly increase the Revenue and ROI of any firm.
The firm designs solutions as per the requirement, target sector/audience and industry standards for each firm, to well establish the companies presence in front of the target sector/audience allowing them to seize the immdiate oportunities and promising growth. Summentorpro Sales and Marketing Consultants, also has a great track record in organizing world leading events and award show for diverse industry sectors, which has proven to connect and facilitate recognition to over 1000+ and more decision makers through it's well curated sales and marketing platforms and award shows.


Nitika Shahi

Nitika is an extremely passionate individual with a positive mind frame, she has a unique style of her own that radiates confidence. She is a subject matter expert and loves to research and know about any given topic or new techniques. She is an Innovator, Visionary and Experimental, these qualities have proven to map her way through success at Summentorpro Sales and Marketing Consultants.

Suhaib Ahmed

Suhaib is a very detailed oriented individual, who is a keen observer and an attentive listener, he truly belives that Summentorpro's services are of no match in the industry today. He is a good negotiator and has a very strong knowledge about his work and the market. He is an Orator, Logical and Imaginative individual, with a strong knack of making accurate decisions.

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